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River Mace Yoga

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September 20-22nd 2024

Hi my name is River, I hold heart-lead spaces to help guide you back into connection with yourself and find joy in moving your  body. 

Physical movement and dance have been a fundamental part of my life since I can remember.. However, it wasn't until 10 years ago I began to delve deeper into the practice of yoga. I soon realized that the wisdom and teachings of yoga began to transcend my time on mat and weave into every aspect of my life.

My classes are creative and intuitive always inviting you into play and curiosity with your body. I draw from my own experience and exploration from many lineages such as (TCM)Chinese Medicine, Hatha Yoga, Somatics, Ashtanga, Authentic Movement and Embodied Yin.


Practicing with me is an invitation to fully experience yourself as your own unique expression, to find joy in all that it means to be alive.  I love guiding people to their edge so they build in confidence and resilience and leave class feeling like " wow did i really just do that?!"

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